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Custom Cookie Cutter

Custom Cookie Cutter

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Design your own Cookie Cutter!

It's as simple as drawing on a piece of paper or a napkin or just find an image you want to be turned into a cookie-cutter.

Pricing tiers are for:

  • Standard size ~3" cookie cutter including design and the first print single outline.

  • Larger size ~5" cookie cutter including design and the first print, single outline.

  • Larger size ~5" cutter including design and first print, multiple outlines or inset text.

Additional copies can be purchased at a discount.

Thing Hero & Kookie Cutters have joined together to provide you with any design you can think of. Including embedded graphics or text.

Kookie Cutters are made from FDA-approved plastic material. We recommend hand washing though most are dishwasher safe. We put them through the Bosh after making clay cookies and Keto Cookies :)

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