3D Photography and Prints

Modeled Citizen™

Now Offering 3D Photography and Prints

3D Photograph with a 1:12 scale single color print 

3D Photograph with a 1:10 scale single color print  

 3D Photograph with a 1:20 scale (5%) full color print


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An onsite appointment or attendance at an event is required for 3D Photography!

Privacy Note

Your miniatures/photos will not be shared publicly without your consent.   All models appearing here have given consent or parental consent in the case of minors.   Minors are replicated here in a very low definition format to prevent identification. 

Interesting Ideas for you to try

  • Be the driver of your RC!  Get photographed while sitting with your arms out so you can be in the driver's seat!
  • Hold out your arms and have yourself printed as a business card holder!
  • Be han solo in carbonite!  We can print your face and arms extruding from a flat surface and print it out of Carbon Fiber material for that authentic Carbonite look.  
  • Make you into a cookie cutter!  Our people cookie cutters will cut out the outline of your body and then imprint you into a cookie. 
  • Wedding cake toppers: Get yourself printed in your dress and put an authentic replica bride and groom on top of your cake! 
  • Anything with a lightsaber because the prints are fantastic.   
  • Scan the whole family and create 3D holiday cards!