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Custom 3D Printing

Choose from dozens of materials or have a material custom-made!


General Purpose Plastic
Best for Displays & Visual Prototypes
Low print costs
Opaque & Translucent Colors
Available in custom colors and Gradients


Flexible Materials
Best for Phone Cases & Mounts
Up to 700% elongation
Varying hardnesses available
Anti-Vibration & Shock Absorbing


The same material airplane
and Race Car windshields are made of!
High Thermal resistance 147°C Tg
Excellent ductility / impact resistance


High Impact PolyStyrene
Hydrophobic – will not absorb moisture


One of the most common plastics
Best for everyday prints
Low material costs
Tougher more resilient plastic
Retail & Commercial Grades


Outdoor plastic
Great for Automotive applications
UV Resistant
Similar properties to ABS

ULTEM® 9085

Aerospace Grade Material
Flame Smoke & Toxicity (FST) Rated
FAA approved material

Firewire® PSU

Sterilization Capable
Chemical resistant
Inherent Flame Resistance (V-0)
Heat Resistant 185°C Tg


FDA Approved For Food Contact
Best for Kitchen & Cosmetics
More flexible less breakable
Opaque & Translucent Colors


High strength materials
Abrasion resistant
High Tensile Strength
Acid/Solvent Resistant

Ultem® 1010

Chemical Resistant
High thermal resistance of 217°C Tg
Inherent flame resistance
Long-term hydrolytic stability

Firewire® PPSF


Material Fills

Filament Additives to change the properties of the resulting print

  • Carbon Fiber
    • Milled (powder) or chopped (strands)
    • Provides excellent stiffness and dimensional stability.
  • Wood
    • Sandable, Stainable lightweight
  • Carbon nanotubes
    • Produces ESD safe prints for electronics enclosures.
  • Glass Fiber
    • Provides excellent stiffness and dimensional stability at a lower cost than carbon fiber.
  • Retroreflectors
    • For applications in safety and signage.
  • Impact modifier
    • To increase the impact resistance of printed parts.
  • Metal Powders
    • Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel and other metal powders.  Allows parts to be polished to a metallic shine
  • UV Reactant
    • Glow in the Dark or UV reactive additives.
  • Glass Spheres
    • Decreases Density
    • Improves Dimensional Stability
    • Increases compressive strength


Specialty projects 

  • Watertite, IPA tite, epoxy tite prints based on your requirements 
  • AQL Testing 
  • Up to .003″ tolerance
  • Custom made materials and fills


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