Corellian Spike – Expanded Sabacc Game Case With Tokens – Star Wars


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Customized Sabacc Case to hold the Corellian Spike version of Sabacc!

Includes 62 Sabacc cards, 24 Textured Bounty Tokens and 2 Dice.

“Corellian Spike” is a variation of sabacc that used a 62-card deck and two six-sided dice called “spike dice.” The object of the game is to achieve a card total closest to 0. When the dice rolls doubles, each player’s hand is discarded and replaced by unseen cards from the deck, which could improve or ruin your hand.


The Corellian Spike variation of sabacc is played with a smaller deck to regular sabacc, comprising only 62 cards rather than 76.  There are 60 pip cards: three sets of green cards with positive values ranging from 1 to 10, and three sets of red cards with negative values ranging from -10 to -1.  Finally, there are two 0-value cards referred to as sylops (Old Corellian for “idiots”).

The game also makes use of two “spike dice”, which are rolled thrice per round to shake things up.


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